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                                     To Murthy,
 A man who once said, “Dreams take us accross”
points u to the hanging path,
that asks you to hear the calling of the cross.

                                                                                    -Your soul mate

It was this letter that surprised Mr. murthy
Who was this person who claimed to be his soul mate? His Menakshi? Definitely not! Or was she? That just was not possible his wife has been dead a lot many years.

But then what was this letter doing here? And for God’s sake why couldn’t he or she, whoever may be, spell the spellings right. Mr. Murthy  found a few many things irritating and wrong spellings were one of them.
It made him think. Probably he was being duped? Perhaps it was just another practical joke of these youngsters who knew short cut to everything including spellings? Hmm.., that could be a probability, which could explain the spellings too.
He exhaled deeply and tried to rationalize, no, he didn’t felt that could be possible. They feared him enough not to dare do such thing.
Ahh! Why was he caring anyway? The letter was not threatening. But then, he knew his curiosity would always win.

He examined the letter again, this time trying to read between the lines a bit more carefully. After all it was his job for a certain period, even if it was long ago.
He read the first line. That was odd; he had heard such an expression somewhere. Anyways, it was clear that the letter was a direction to the apparent soul-mate.
He looked out, it seemed to be a good evening for a walk, he thought and so he picked up his walking stick and the letter.

While walking, he started thinking again about the first line. He felt he knew something and he was missing it. But what was it? Was he even going in the right direction? It was then that he realized, he wasn’t. He now knew what the line indicated. And soon after, walking on the right path, he reached a statue of a man colored black, with one hand on his back and the other, pointing somewhere. Below it the line ‘A man who once said, “Dreams take us across”’ was carved in the stone. Mr. Murthy very well knew where the next line indicated as well. He was laughing to himself, so Ms. Soulmate; you really thought you could puzzle me for long? He quickly paced towards the river; the ‘hanging path’ was the bridge, definitely. He smiled knowing only the last line remain between him and the sender.

At the other end of the Bridge he started considering the last line, ‘that asks you to hear the calling of the cross’. He frowned. Now what did this line mean? His familiarity with the area of the town was just widening up the options. Could it be something that relates with ‘cross’? The cross road? The Holy Cross school? He read again the whole line this time. Calling of the cross? The realization dawned him soon. Of course!, what else could it mean. Was the person deliberately keeping it easy or he couldn’t do any better? Once again he was back on the track. It lead to the church.

In the 20 minutes that took him to reach the church he again thought about the sender who signed it as soul mate. Was she a woman? If yes, why was she using such a silly name, and what could she really want? It didn’t matter, he thought, for he was to know it soon enough. He wouldn’t be surprised if it was some silly woman was trying to catch his attention. He knew well that he was an aged man, but a rich one and others knew that too. The sender did surprise him eventually.

“Garry, what are you doing here?”, enquired Mr. Murthy rather surprised but quickly added happily “oh! I am so glad to see you, when did you return?”. “Yesterday night, how are you my old man?” said Garry,   certainly pleased to see his dear old friend as happy as he was.
“So it was you who did all this! Why, you could have had just walked in my house, I would have been just the same happy like now”
“and let my entry be less than unusual? Nonsense!” answered Garry mockingly, “also I wanted both of us to meet at the very same place we started off.”
Mr. Murthy nodded in agreement. “I understand this”, he said, “but not why did you sign it off in this way?”pointing towards the letter.
Garry looked quizzical and took the note to examine it. When he noticed what his friend meant, he embarrassingly answered, “oh! I meant SOLE – MATE, your only friend, or so you used to call me buddy”
Mr. Murthy could only stare back.
“In my defense” Garry added, “I never really too good with spellings ,as you were”
Well, they both couldn’t stop laughing after that. 

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Sunday, 2 September 2012


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He doesn't speak much to me , nor do I either . We are just companions in the transit.I guess its in this way, He knows all the ways and paths but has no destination, I know my destination but have the least idea about how to reach there .Hence we compliment each other well.

Image credits : here

I first met Jack on the very first night I eloped  my house. I was on a wait for an opportunity since long, and that night they had been careless enough to leave the window open. At the stroke of the midnight I jumped over  the window, passed quietly across the snoring watchman and then was out of the house determined not to return back ever. I had probably walked for about an hour under the orange sulphur light when I met those thugs, you know the ones who roam about in the streets doing nothing more productive than fighting and troubling innocent chaps who accidentally intrude their territory, yes, those ones. They were about to attack me, all four of them when suddenly from no where came Jack and instantly threw a few stones towards them, making them run for their life. HAHA !! and then he looked at me just like my mistress did .

MY MISTRESS !!! did I tell you about her ? Ah!
As far as my merories go , I remember when I was a little fellow with a small little tail and used to live with a man and a few more others like me when I saw her approaching us with a lovely smile and a pair of compassionate eyes . She soflty picked me up In her delicate hands and cuddled me, rest all I know is that since then  I was always with her. We loved each other . She adored me, I revered her. Never did I ever  spend  a little time with out her bieng  arround. I have seen  her cry and laugh like a child . I have seen her cook endlessly when her children came to visit her . She has seen me grow up from a little puppy to a grown up adult. She has seen me run in delight to fetch a ball and chase butterflies . she has seen me in pain when ill.We have been to mountains, from mountains to soft sand beaches. We have been every where. Together.
But last year she went missing, that too all of a sudden. She went some where without taking me along even when I said not to. Then her children came and brought me along here in this city forcefuly. They didn't listen to me at all when I said I wanted to wait till mistress comes back. " She will be back " I said,"lets wait a little". They didn't listen to any of my pleas!

 So since then I and Jack have been together. You know Jack doesn't speak any thing. nor do I! . OK, it was a bad joke! But still, Jack doesn't speak any thing at all. Yep, he is mute. Wondering how did I know his name then ? well, Thats not his name, but he wears the same tee with  'JACK' written over it every day. So I call him Jack, just like my mistress did when I had a collar with name ' NERO ' written over it. Now its gone so no one calls me anything. You know you humans are so addicted of reasoning that you doubt every thing untill and unless backed by a reason. You  have reduced  your heart to function just as a blood pumping organ, you are alone even In a big city ,where so many of you  live together. You don't have the courage to live with the one you love, you don't even care about your loved ones. You have got no room for emotions and hence probably that's why you call us 'dogs' because for being ' homo sapiens'  , you got to use more of your brains ,and be more 'practical' isn't it ?He an I  met as strangers in the night , yet we are a family. 
I guess I strayed away from my topic, nevertheless, I live with Jack. He doesn't have a family and lives with other children on the street and I too. I have also made friends with the other dogs .We manage to have a meal per day. Still I like being with him for he is just like my mistress I am still searching. I  miss her often. We live under the stars and it sometimes get a little cold . Often he hugs me and sleeps to get my warmth and this helps me to feel like my mistress is around. He is doing that right now  too.

You know It feels nice to talk about the old days sometimes. I used to go every day.........Wait !   ..."Jack , Jack get up !!! Get up jack ! I can sense something very wrong! just like I did when my mistress went and never came back!!Gosh I can see a  car coming from far , quick ,quick  Jack mmove away from that place , Oh come on  on get upppp!!!!!"

A little far from that place a man witnesses a dog trying to wake up a little boy of about 10, sleeping on the footpath . Just as he wakes up a car comes smashing toward them . The boy is saved , but the dog is hit by the car.

"Ah!  what happned ! Jack are you allright ? my dear Jack you are ok na ? I can see I am bleeding. I can see you soaked in my blood and holding me just like my mistress did . I am missing her right now, more than I ever did. Jack dont cry. I am happy that you are safe. I am in extream pain , but then I can hear her voice calling me bleakly."

I always knew , Jack alone could lead me to my old mistress . You see her children said  she has gone to God in a little haste , but never before did she leave me behind alone. I think she did it  by mistake this time, but I couldn't let her go wrong. I had to be where she was . If she had gone to visit God,I need to go to his house too, behind her .

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

in the journey of waves

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Beneath the golden glow, silver light.
In the cradle of  soften sands,
 I move in zeal, for a journey
towards the stable lands.

with latent vivacity that underlies,
along with the sparkling surf of dreams,
filled with unkempt vitality , I rise.

 Capturing its peak ,the envisaged height,
with its mighty crust spread wide,
with bubbles mingling with air,
slowly , I subside. 

approaching the conclusion of the voyage I lead .
reaching my  exide, beginning another journey,
 passively into the anonymous, I recede.


dear diary

On basic notes , the poem simply depicts the journey of  wave of rising and then falling back ,but on a metamorphic note it depicts the different stages of life just from comfortable childhood to  vivid adult hood  to old age and then n the anonymous journey of death. Isn't life just like a wave? isn't the picture above depicting the very fact ? Well , I found it to be so. :)

school girl

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

forest trail

The forest trial I chose,
was the one
filled with undergrowth.
In the beginning
just the shrubbery grew aside
but soon the forest intensified.
and my path too
that once laid straight
started meandering
over the woods.
as I proceeded
 the way forked by,

and the  vegetation
started darkening the sky.

Every turn  and diverge
had something mystical to reveal
let it be scary darkness or
beautiful mist that prevailed.
the trail continued and
I followed.

On one such turn
a lane came by
that traveled parallel to mine.
and for long
the path came along
but now, I can see
another fork, another turn
although guarded by thick undergrowth

what will be the next,
I don't know
will the path stay ..
or go away????

with desperate feet and throbbing heart
I moved a few steps
on the capricious path
I tilt my back to glance across...
all I could see
was a light so divine
it drenched my soul
and last till eternity...!


dear diary
I clearly remember why did I pen this down , when did I pen this down and where did I pen this down. Even a whole blissful  year couldn't  fade away the memories so strongly embedded ! Its the first poem I had ever written down.I really dont know if it is good enough or not ,yet Its the most special one for me.I wrote it for someone, lets call him Maggi .  I guess wrote it down because of the fact that I wanted to say so much , yet felt a little deficit of words. I didn't mail it to him on that day due to my uncertainties.guess I should have.To day  on his birthday many things have changed , but the uncertainty is still there , I don't know why .

dear Maggi
I just wanna say that you were the very first reason to write and even now you are the one. long before I started writing down in this blog ,I used to write down for you . I didnt have the courage to tell you that this poem was for you , nither do I have It today. I dont know if you will read all this or not but if you ever read this I want to tell you that even if I dont write great , it all began coz of you and hence I owe you a big * thank you * . Among  many meaning the poem convey , one of the things I wanted to tell you at that time and today is just that  you are one of the most beautiful parts of  my life , as always I dont know what the future is but I see it in the bright light of happiness and gay :)
 I sincerely expect nothing from you, but don't know why my heart always wipers silently 
"please don't go away just now, stay for a little more longer ...and if you want till eternity..I wont ever mind it  "
  happy birthday

 He is NOT my boyfriend!!!! & if you really wanna name our relationship let it be friendship, but for me the purest and most beautiful relationships are better left unnamed .


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Monday, 18 June 2012

do I have a right?

when the clouds of emptiness
hover over the eyes.
when the dark corner of loneliness bestow.

do I have a right to 
refuge in your arms ?
do I have a right to 
embrace you tight?

when the reminiscences
of those stinging words
unleashes those tearful cry's.

do I have a right to 
curse you?
do I have a right to 
recall you and fight?

when you promised me to 
be forever be mine.
when you left me shattered
with a wicked smile.

 did I have a right to 
question you why?
did I have a right to
call you mine?

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

blank pages

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It was raining since the morning today . After returning back from the office she quickly tided up her house and got properly dressed up. At 7:00 pm the doorbell rang . As she opened up the door damp aroma of the rain and a man entered the house with a bouquet of roses in his hands.

"Hello Shubhash , come in"
 " here pretty roses for a pretty lady"
" haha , thank you " she said blushing.

She came to know that Shubash got a new job in the same city a month ago when they bumped into each other in a bus returning back from office. Since then they were in constant touch with each other . In the initial stages of their acquittance she had made it clear that she wanted to restrict to just to friendship  to which he replied  that it was ok with him and he considered her as a friend and wanted to just one. With each meeting their closeness grew .they kept on talking for hours and every day it was turning out to be  harder for to resist from the fact that she has started liking him.

Dinner had , they sat down to have a cup of coffee and chit chat.With the melody of the pouring rain and steaming hot coffee cups their conversation carried on from their office work, colleges to mutual friends and then random here and there.

" have you been to Lonavala ? its a beautiful place" asked Shubhash
" ah yes , I visited that place when we were young . I still remember it was so much fun ! " she replied with child like excitement. " you know most of our child hood was spent traveling. I have been to Rajasthan , Utrakhand and even Nepal !! In fact we were planning to send you and di there for your honeymoon"
and suddenly there was an awkward silence and then out burst of memories . 

 Preeti's elder sister Kajal  had killed her self for a reason unknown just a few days before her marriage with Subhash , Leaving behind her diary with a few blank pages in it and lots of memories behind for her.

That day brought havoc to her life. It was just not that she had lost her guide, friend and protector i.e. her sister that day also, she was asked to marry her sisters fiance which she obviously refused. How could she marry subhash and how could her and his parents even think about it after all this ?
It is said if you can understand your parents you can understand the world and she hadn't solved the mystery yet.
Since then her life revolved around the two 'whys' .
 first, that why did  her sister  commit suicide ? and second  that why did she did not want to marry Subhash if she didn't love any one else and thought him to be a nice guy? She had no reasons  for both . All she could say was that her was her sisters fiance , that didn't convince her orthodox parents.
Because she didn't have any answers she said she needed time think about it .
Latter she got a job offer in an other city  which she ready accepted to escape the q's and buts of her parents .Since then her life was just a tune of monotony between her office, her flat and the two questions , with an occasional change in the note.

 "Hey are you alright  ? Preeti ?" asked Subhash" lost some where?"
"Oh yes I am fine , nah ! " said she reviving back to present.
"You know she would have been a wonderful writer " trying to ease up the moment." I loved one of her lines written in her diary "
" Really ? tell me ?"
" It was...' Life is just like a few blank pages..' "
 Before she could finish off ,there was a thunder roar and then the lights went off .
 They lit  the whole room with candles.

 "Candles " she whispered and she then rushed off to another room with a candle in hand .
" what happened ?? I wanted to tell you something " shouted Subhash.
 " oh wait for some time " she said , shutting the door of the room.

She quickly searched  her sister's diary and stared feeling the blank pages in it. Yes , she knew her sister would leave some message behind and started hovering the pages over the flame.
It was an old magic trick they used to send their secrete messages in their child hood , by writing with a white wax on a blank white sheet , and then hovering it over the flame to make the writing visible.
Finally she would know. Her heart beat was racing .
and then she saw the hidden words.
" Subhash loves Preeti. I have no reason to live"

An eternal silence started blanketing her, and then thoughts came running out.
Suddenly every thing made sense that was an coincidence earlier , every distorted piece of the puzzle  now took its place revealing the picture clearly to her.
Shubhash first broke up with her sister , then took a job up here to be with her. Probably their meeting wasn't a coincidence too , but all a part of the plan !

A drop of tear flew down her cheek when she heard a knock.
She slowly opened the door and saw Subhash bent down on his knees with a ring in his hands
And then utter the ominous words " will you marry me?"
This time she had all the answers to her 'whys'.....


how true were Kajal' words:

" life is a just like few blank pages .
A lot can happen over it"...

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

burning flame

In the wake of smoking cloth alight ,
smokeless, the flame burns more,
unrecognized .

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